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In today’s schools, not enough of our youth have access to quality STEM learning opportunities, such as coding, web-design, and engineering adventures to name a few, and only a few students actually see these disciplines as springboards for their careers.

All children should be given an equal opportunity to be prepared for college or career that allows them to thrive in a modern STEM economy. 

T. Miller, Head of Schools




Tiffany Miller graduated with a B.S. in Mathematics from Savannah State University in 2008. Her teaching career started in August of 2008 in Metro Atlanta. Her teaching career includes elementary, middle and high school experience. At the onset of her teaching career in Jonesboro GA, she noticed that a majority of high school students lacked basic mathematical skills. Throughout Mrs. Miller tenure teaching 9th grade, she observed an influx of deficits in math as well as a lack of exposure to STEM related activities. Shockingly, she noticed an identical issue during her tenure as a middle school Math teacher. As a result, Mrs. Miller has decided to utilize her expertise to reach a targeted population to enhance the current state of STEM engagement in our youth. This idea has grown into a STEM non-public education program which includes after-school and summer program geared toward students in grades PreK - 9th. In addition, encouraging interests in careers in the field of Science, this program also links school day academic Science and Math with enriched learning in the after-school hours through hands on and project based STEM activities.​

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